Unhelpful, Unengaged, Unhappy: Common Call Center Misconceptions

Aug 25, 2016

My family has been in the call center industry since 1948, before there was really any “industry” to speak of. The first Hastings Humans call center was a bunch of phone that my mother set up on a table outside the kitchen. In the ensuing 69 years, we’ve seen call centers grow from something that you could start in your own home to a $21+ billion industry. That rapid expansion has come with its ups and downs. I’m sure you’ve either experienced or heard of customer service horror stories, which give all call centers a bad name. However, there are still some of us that continue to provide excellent, affordable service to businesses of all sizes. A call center can be a tremendous tool for business of any size, we just have to clear away some misconceptions.

Misconception One: Call Centers Are Bad Places To Work

Whenever a call center is presented on television, it’s invariably shown as a depressive cubicle farm where employees begrudgingly answer calls all day. Even in the real world, people associate call centers with high turnover, long hours and unhappy employees. In reality, working at a call center can be a great, rewarding job. At Hastings Humans, our employees are highly trained, informed and stick around. Our longest tenured customer service agent was with the company for more than 50 years! We’re a family business and we treat our employees with respect, empower them to provide great service and consider them a part of the Hastings Humans family.

Misconception Two: Call Center Agents Can’t Actually Help

Many people dread calling a customer service line because they anticipate annoying phone trees, long hold times and agents who just transfer them over and over with no resolution. This is terrible customer service and it’s often instituted by companies that are afraid of empowering their agents. At Hastings Humans, we work with our clients to provide customer service solutions, not endless run-arounds. As the customer-facing arm of our clients’ businesses, we want every call to end with a happy resolution. As such, our agents provide tier one tech support, dispatch services and other solutions that actually solve customer problems.

Misconception Three: All Call Centers Are Outsourced

Outsourcing is popular among the larger call center companies, but that’s not how we do things. Every Hastings Human operates out of our Austin, TX based office. We provide made-in-the USA support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Misconception Four: Call Centers Are Impersonal

There’s a reason we’re called Hastings Humans. The service we provide is, well, human. We take the time to get to know our clients, which allows our agents to be just as engaged with customers as if they were full-time receptionists. Instead of running through a script, our agents actually listen to customers and work with them to find a resolution. Our client success is our success, so our agents are invested in providing the best service possible.

The call center industry has changed a lot since we first started, and perhaps some of these misconceptions are earned, but over 69 years, we’ve never abandoned the old-school customer service principles that my mom started in her home. If you’re in need of a business phone service that pairs the latest technology with timeless service, give us a call. We’ll always have someone on the line.

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