Virtual Office, Real Productivity

Aug 25, 2016

Why You Need A Virtual Office

Running your own small business used to mean that you were tied 24/7 to your phone and a desk. Today owning your own business means you have ultimate freedom to run your business how you choose. More and more startups and small businesses are shedding the trappings of conventional offices for completely virtual offices or working remotely; allowing you the ultimate freedom in being able to work whenever you want and wherever you want without the cumbersome cost of a physical building, land lines, or large staff.

Imagine a real human receptionist that will answer your business calls 24/7 when you can’t. No more missed sales because prospective customers are hanging up on voice mail. No more worrying you missed an important call or new client when you are in meetings, working with a client or traveling. Whether it’s after business hours and you’re spending time with your family or you are working with a client and don’t want to sacrifice customer service to answer the phone; a business answering service will give your virtual office the professional sheen of a large corporation with the heart and attentiveness of a small business.

Hastings Humans is a fellow small business that understands that your business relies on consistent, good customer service. You may not always have the time or money to pay the salary or benefits for a full time receptionist; so Hastings Humans offers a fully customizable answering service with no long term contracts or surprise fees. We don’t like to talk to robots and neither should you, so we only use trained and vetted human receptionists who will be able to offer the utmost customer service to your clients anytime day or night.

Whether you are running a one-man show or planning on expanding your small business into an empire; Hastings Humans answering service provides consistent service to meet all of your answering needs at a low cost that fits into the budget of a small business. Contact us today.

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