Human Vs. Machine: How a Person on the Line Wins Every Time

Jun 16, 2014

Post by Mark Hastings

In our digital age, it’s tempting to believe that we can rely entirely on computers and bypass a human connection altogether. But what happens when a customer or a client desperately needs to get ahold of you and is instead given the run around by a robot? Do you think he or she is likely to think of that interaction and, by extension, your company in a positive light? No matter how many bells and whistles your voicemail system may have, it’s no match for the personal touch that you get from a small business answering service or call center.

The surest way to retain customers and bring in new customers is to deliver a great product, with great service, at the right price.

You may already have step one down, but how will anyone know how good your product is if there’s no one to tell them? An answering center for your small business gives you a ready band of brand ambassadors interacting with the very people you want to reach every day. A pre-recorded promotional spiel will never have the impact that a real, human advocate can provide your small business.

A customer service call center guarantees that you’ll never lose business due to frustration with automated services. Rather than alienating people, a small business answering service allows you to build a connection every single time a customer or potential customer calls your business. A sympathetic ear may be the difference between losing or retaining a customer, while a competent and friendly spokesperson may be just what it takes to land a new one!

Then there’s the bottom line. You can’t afford to be talking to customers yourself all day, and you certainly can’t afford to be losing customers because they can’t get ahold of you unless they “press 1” fourteen times. A small business answering service frees you up to do what you need to do to grow your business, without sacrificing that all-important customer service.

If you’re tired of losing customers due to an unreliable voicemail, try giving us a call and see for yourself what a difference humans make. 1-888-HASTINGS

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