VoIP vs Voices

May 04, 2015

Guest Post by Rock Candy Media

Easy setup.

No human error.

Automated and hi-tech.

That’s what sold me on small business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and its automated menu features when I was growing my company. On top of all that it seemed like the money I’d be saving on personnel was just icing.

I just knew the all day every day service was going to take my company to further heights than a team of receptionists ever could, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Within the first week, I was seeing reviews pop up about how frustrating the VoIP service was, how people kept having to repeat themselves and how they felt they weren’t being taken care of or understood. After about a month, I learned that even my longtime clients were tired of the hassle.

Now this put me in a pretty uncomfortable situation. I couldn’t lose the new 24/7/365 model that I had with the hardware, but if I lost any more business over the misunderstandings, I’d be in trouble.

That’s when I found Hastings Humans answering services.

The actual people at the contact center could pick up on customers’ distressed, frantic tone, and connect them to the right person, as opposed to responding with a mechanical “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that” or relaying some garbled nonsense. They trained on my company just like an in-house receptionist would, and never missed a beat concerning what we could do for our clients. Most importantly, the Hastings Humans were there all day, every day.

Hastings Humans’ service means so much to me as a small business owner because I don’t have to sacrifice my customers’ convenience for service with a personal touch. As far as my small business is concerned, voices beat VoIP hands down.

I still don’t have to hire a team of receptionists. I already have one.


Annie Liao Jones is the founder of Rock Candy Media, an Austin-based advertising and marketing agency.

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