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Answering services for Field Services


Always Be Available

When you’re a plumber, an HVAC specialist, locksmith, or pest control expert, customers are counting on you to be there when they need you - no matter what time it is. Whether you’re under a house or under your covers, somebody out there has a problem that they need you to fix. Hastings Humans phone answering service gives you a 24/7 customer service arm to ensure that you’re the most reliable business in town and in your field.

How We Can Help

Day to Day Peace of Mind

While you’re out in the field taking care of business, or relaxing at home at the end of the day, Hastings Humans is keeping your customers happy and informed. More than a contact center, answering service, or dispatch center, we are a highly customizable and dynamic customer service center. Our humans know your company and know your industry. We understand what your customers need and how to best deliver it to them. Hastings Humans is a shortcut to greater customer retention and more leads, without having to manage more people or add to payroll.

Intelligent Response

There’s no substitute for human intelligence. Hastings Humans are quick-thinking, adaptable and conform to your needs as a business owner. If you need someone to dispatch on-call units for you, Hastings Humans can do that. Do you service a broad area with multiple locations and different staff to manage? Hastings Humans ensures the job always gets to the right personnel. If you just need someone to forward you the names and numbers of people who call, Hastings Humans can do that too, and, if you ever decide to change things up, we’re right there with you.

Emergency Ready

In an emergency, the last thing that your customer wants to deal with is a disaster of an automated voicemail system and Hastings Humans’ after-hours live answering service spares them that added stress. Any time of day or night, your customer will be greeted by a friendly, attentive human who understands the urgency of their call and will respond appropriately.

Dedicated to You

Hastings Humans is here to serve you. To prove it, we offer all new clients a 30 day risk-free guarantee. Give us a call for your free consultation.

Proven Results

We’ve been serving businesses across the nation since 1948, and we believe that our reputation speaks for itself, but here are some thoughts from business owners and managers like yourself. Home inspector Aaron Calhoun relies on Hastings Humans to give his small business that vital professional polish. "Most of my clients believe my one man operation is a big company. The feedback I get from my clients about the call center is great AND I don't have to answer the phones! I've been working with Hastings for a year and they are one of the few contractors that are key to my success and peace of mind."

- Aaron Calhoun

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It’s not easy being a plumber. I know, I’ve been answering the phones for them for years. You’re constantly moving from property to property, fixing all kinds of problems, and coordinating your team, while simultaneously fielding calls from a dozen people - all of whom are convinced that they’re dealing with a devastating emergency that needs to be fixed immediately.   Read More >

Real Customer Service.
Real Humans.

Give yourself, and your customers, a break. Let Hastings Humans handle the phones, while you handle the wrenches.

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  • Toll Free: 1-888-HASTINGS
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Hear the humans in action by giving us a call, or fill out the form. Soon you’ll be able to brag about all the awards your customer service department has won.