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Whether you work for yourself, a small boutique, or a biglaw giant, you know that it’s sometimes impossible to complete everything you need to do in an 8 hour day (or 10 hour day, or 12 hour day). When you’re drafting contracts, filing briefs, and doing research, you don’t have time to be on the phone all day with clients or potential new clients. That’s where we come in. Hastings Humans provides your practice with a knowledgeable, attentive customer service arm that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How We Can Help

Peace of Mind for You and Your Clients

More than just a call center or answering service, Hastings Humans is a highly customizable, dynamic, 24/7 customer service and new client intake center. Our humans know you and your clients. We understand the legal world and its challenges. Hastings Humans work for your clients and for you. We’re just as committed to making sure that you maintain a reputation for high integrity and expert advocacy as we are to providing your clients with prompt, accurate information. We’re available whenever you, your clients, or any potential new clients need us.

Hastings Humans is a shortcut to improving client relations and increasing new clients, without having to manage more people or add to payroll.

Imminently Adaptable

Hastings Humans are quick-thinking, adaptable and can conform to your needs. Hastings Humans go beyond the typical answering services in order to provide you with exactly what you need. Whether it’s simple call forwarding or complex calendar management that ensures your clients are where they need to be and when, Hastings Humans will work with you to find a solution. We’re prepared for whatever you throw at us - if you’re working on a class action lawsuit, we’ll gladly set up a hotline and collect plaintiff information for you. Hastings Humans opens you up to a client base that you may have never thought possible, simply by putting real human minds and voices at your disposal.

Intelligent Response

There’s no substitute for human intelligence. Hastings Humans are capable of handling complex protocols that would be impossible or intrusive for a voicemail.

  • If your firm employs several attorneys who cover specific geographic areas, Hastings Humans are able to see the location of incoming calls and properly route them to the appropriate attorney.
  • We can accept (or decline) collect calls on your behalf per your preferences.
  • If there are certain calls that you run through a paralegal, Hastings Humans will ensure that that’s where the calls go, and run the important stuff to you. We also spare you the micromanaging that some clients require.
  • When a client calls at 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday to ask where to appear for a Monday morning court date, we’ll spare you the hassle of looking through your calendar and make sure that everyone arrives to court on time.

We Represent the Representation

Your greatest asset as a lawyer is your reputation. If your clients feel like they’re being ignored or their ability to receive counsel is compromised by poor communication, it doesn’t just reflect poorly on you, it could lead to official reprimand. Hastings Humans ensure that you always provide professional, timely service to clients, without having to spend precious hours on the phone.

Dedicated to You

Hastings Humans is here to serve you. To prove it, we offer all new clients a 30 day risk-free guarantee. Give us a call for your free consultation.

Proven Results

We’ve been serving businesses across the nation since 1948, and we believe that our reputation speaks for itself, but here are some thoughts from business owners and managers like yourself. Home inspector Aaron Calhoun relies on Hastings Humans to give his small business that vital professional polish. “With the Hastings Humans I found a solution that allows me to concentrate on growing my firm, with scalable customer service that can grow with me. That gives me billable hours, more time to concentrate on my clients’ needs, more time to build my firm, and ultimately more time for myself.”

Chris Gunter, Law Offices of Gunter & Bennett

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Give yourself, and your customers, a break. Let Hastings Humans handle the phones, while you handle the wrenches.

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