Who We Are

The Hastings Humans are the voice of businesses across the country and have been providing award-winning live telephone answering services for 65 years.

The Hastings Humans’ success stems from not just providing a call center but providing a team of people ready to truly support and represent your company and actually talk back.


Mission Control

The Hastings Humans always work to:

Provide services that take advantage of the latest technologies to most clearly and efficiently respond to business calls
Care for clients’ business needs, employees and the community by focusing on delivering long-term value respectively
And, in the words of founder, Ann Hastings -
“Make each caller feel better for having spoken with us.”

Human History

  • 1940′s

    Where it all started at Ann’s

  • 1950′s

    Call center agents on a ‘newfangled’ call box

  • 1960′s

    A shift to the classic circa 60′s switchboard

  • 1970′s

    Groovy 70′s agents on the newer model boards

  • 1980′s

    Hastings dipping its toes into digital with agents on computers

  • 1990′s

    Remember the chunky 90′s computers? They were top of the line at the time…


Human Services

We’re your team, your company’s friendly face. We answer your phones, run your office, and fill your customer’s requests.

The Hastings Humans will be your receptionists.

Linking Lingo – Your customers will always have an informed human to connect them to the right team member at the right time no matter where they are.

Dispatch – The Humans will direct your people into the field to get the best help directly to your clientele.

Message Masters – Humans understand how you work best and will turn a caller’s inquiry into a text, fax, or page to get to you the most efficiently.

Humans talk.

Scripted Speak – The Hastings Humans will write a script with you on your business, so they can talk business with your customers and give real responses.

24/7 Answers – Your humans can talk to your Hastings Humans day or night.

Shindig Service – RSVPs, while important, get tedious. The Hastings Humans can take note of your growing guest list.

Teamwork needs talk to work.

Checked-In – Your team can check-in with the Hastings Humans to touch base when they’re off the base.

Workshop Work – The Hastings Humans like to spread the wealth. They can teach your team how to talk when talking business over the phone.

Customer Response Team – We have humans dedicated to you, there to answer your questions or concerns the moment they arise. 24 hours a day we’re ready to listen to you.

Keep the office together anywhere.

Inside Voices – The Humans can operate your talk and text from desk to desk with the best technology and services tailored to your team.

Get the Fax – The Humans can set up a personalized fax mailbox for you so the message gets across on every platform.

On Record – Should you not want a Human 24/7, The Hastings Humans will make sure your messages get recorded and get to you, with customized automated services. That message can then be sent to you via email for your records.

Wake-Up – Whether the office is 50 blocks away or 5 feet, the Humans will make sure you get on your feet with a wake-up call.

The Hastings Humans keep things orderly.

Taking Orders – Your Hastings Humans can process phone orders and send them to you, so you can simply get down to business.


Case Studies

folders Case Number 1

Gunter Attorneys – Scalable Customer Service Keeps Law Firm Growing

Your time is valuable. So naturally, it should be spent doing what you do best – the things that only you can do in your business. With Hastings, you can let our trained professionals do the rest.

Before Chris started using Hastings in 1998, his firm was using an answering machine to take messages and catch after-hours calls. Now, they use our live telephone answering service. If they receive an emergency call, we transfer it to one of the attorneys. For other calls, we take detailed notes on what the caller needs and emails it to the firm. This lets them be available for their clientele 24/7, without having to be in-office 24/7.

folders Case Number 2

Home Inspector Finds Peace of Mind

Impressions are important. You wouldn’t show up at your client’s front door in a ketchup-stained t-shirt, would you? Having an answering service can provide an extra layer of professionalism, especially for on-the-go business owners. Nobody wants to try and talk to potential customers while navigating traffic between client meetings, or worse yet, lose a potential customer because their call went to voicemail since you were busy.

With Hastings, those things never become an issue. Not only do you have someone answering your phone calls – 24/7/365 – but we create a customer experience tailored to your unique business and your customer’s specific needs, which leaves the best impression possible. (Which means more business for you.)

folders Case Number 3

Better Follow Up Boosts Business By 30%

Imagine what you could do with 30% more revenue – you could get a NASA-designed ergonomic desk chair. Before working with Hastings, Chalk Bluff Park had a hard time following up with potential customers, which meant that they were losing money in a big way. After working with Hastings, their business increased substantially, without the owner having to field phone calls and questions at all hours of the day and night.

This isn’t surprising, because studies show that companies that automate lead management see a 10% or higher increase in revenue on average – in just six to nine months. (source: Gartner Research) And who doesn’t want higher revenue with less stress, and really nice desk chairs?


Smart Talk

Small business small talk from the Hastings Humans.

3 Ways Customer Service Makes You Money

Find out why a human on call is money in the bank. As a business owner, you have to consider every single dollar you spend. Keeping your business in the black is your first priority. However, this assumption can cause problems.

Employee Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Hastings

When Louise Stefan began working at Hastings Telephone Answering Service in 1963, little did she know that 50 years later, she’d still be working with the Hastings Humans.

How to Host a Customer Service Intervention

We shared some tips on how to host a customer service intervention to save your stressed-out colleagues – including, of course, using the Hastings Humans.

Hastings Featured at Lifehack

The Hastings Humans were featured in a round up of must-have business tools at productivity site Lifehack – read the full article at the link.

Hastings Earns National Award

Hastings Communication Services of Austin, TX has been honored with the exclusive ATSI 2013 Award of Excellence for the sixteenth consecutive year.

10-digit Dialing for 512 area code

As you may be aware, as of Saturday June 1, 2013 all local calls made to phone numbers in the 512 area code must include the area code with the telephone number.


Public Perception

What our clients have to say about us.

“With the Hastings Humans I found a solution that allows me to concentrate on growing my firm, with scalable customer service that can grow with me. That gives me billable hours, more time to concentrate on my clients’ needs, more time to build my firm, and ultimately more time for myself.”

-Chris Gunter, Law Offices of Gunter & Bennett

“Most of my clients believe my one man operation is a big company. The feedback I get from my clients about the call center is great AND I don’t have to answer the phones! I’ve been working with Hastings for a year and they are one of the few contractors that are key to my success and peace of mind.”

- Aaron Calhoun, Home Inspector

“Our phone lines are our life line. Hastings has made our entire operation more efficient by providing all the information for our staff to follow up on. Bookings are great, we aren’t losing business through the cracks, and the customers talk to a live person. Business is up over 30%. Thank you, Hastings!”

- Mickey Poole, Owner Chalk Bluff Park


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